Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a core element at Onyx Performing Arts Academy and one which will feature heavily in all our musical productions, in addition to our dance troupe. Our schedule plans for three musical showcases a year which will be a mix of musicals and musical variety shows, with the focus throughout being shows performed less often to provide fresh content to local audiences.

Music has been a central feature of theatre for more than 2000 years. It can be argued that musical theatre is, in fact, the dominant mode of dramatic art. As a specific genre of its own, however, musical theatre has emerged and developed in the past 150 years until today it is a dramatic form of great variety, artistic significance, and commercial appeal. 

Our values are to treat all performers with the same respect and attention, regardless of whether they are a lead or ensemble member. The collective happiness of a group is always more important then star individuals so we aim to provide a fresh environment where everyone is valued and given a chance to shine.


At Onyx we have a timetable of mixed and varied classes for all ages, including adults, to ensure that progression doesn't stop at 18 or 21. We've found that often performers have to leave other class providors once they reach a capped age, something we've committed to never introducing.

Classes are run throughout the week and vary from acting to physical theatre to tap. We ensure classes are run earlier in the week so they don't interfere with school work etc.

What's On?

Our year-long programme of activity ensures that we always have events on the horizon for adults and children to become involved with. Our Upcoming Shows section outlines what the next productions are which we're performing and it's also easy to look at our previous work to see the variety of productions we've staged and which festivals we've performed at.


Our membership and supporting packages are there for those wanting to take their participation with C&D or Onyx to the next level and also for those non-performers who want to help and support our theatre company. All the bundles feature great benefits to the user and will ensure both value for money and fantastic exclusive content too.

Membership is not a requirement to perform and take part in our classes as we believe in giving people choice, though it is a great way to help us continue our year-long schedule of great productions, fringe theatre and community work. Anyone wishing to find out more about click the links below and of
course get in touch with any questions.

What People Are Saying...

C&D is so wonderful because it works for and within our community; it's inclusivity allows theatre to reach people from all works of life, something that is so important in the modern day.
Rachel Coleman, 17.
I first came to C&D Productions as photographer for their performance of Dorian Gray in February 2015 and have been back for every production since then! It has been great for me in terms of my work but has more recently also given me a platform to branch out a little into other creative processes behind the scenes of theatre, which is fantastic.
Theresa Haworth, 29
I'd given up on the prospect of ever getting back on a stage after having not done anything performing arts related in more than 20 years, but I was attracted to C&D Productions as they staged quality classic plays that I preferred to act in as a drama student. I was really nervous as I was so out of practice but soon felt right at home. I am now one of a mixed bunch of members comprising all ages and abilities and I take great pride in being part of an all-inclusive company.
Roxanne, 42.
C&D has completely changed my life for the better because the company put on brilliant productions and i have worked with the best actors and directors as well. This company is going from strength to strength and i can only see improvements!
Owen, 20.
C&D have really given me a lot of self-confidence and that is down to the team in placing running it and the fantastic casts I've been part of.
Justin, 32.
It has been lovely to see the amount of different people getting involved with the theatre company over the last few months, both on stage and backstage. Everyone, cast and crew, pulls together to get a production up and running, and the team is like one big family that everyone feels a part of - no one is left out.
Theresa Haworth, 29
C&D Productions are an incredibly friendly group of people, I feel I have found a second family. I have enjoyed working with them more than any other social activities and always look forward to the next show!
Molly Hill, 13

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We’ll include interviews with cast, details of our community projects and also upcoming events such as workshops which are open to newsletter subscribers only. We also have a monthly prize draw which subscribers are automatically entered into each month.

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Our not-for-profit theatre company can only carry on with the continual support and assistance of our casts, audiences and other supporters such as individual patrons and local businesses.

We are always looking to link up with community groups and organisations in the areas we perform and there are many ways of supporting us. These include advertising your business on our website or theatre programmes, providing financial assistance or volunteering your time to help.

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