For any theatrical production to be staged successfully there needs to be a hardworking and efficient team behind it. First a director is assigned to overview the creative aspects of the play and from there a team is formed to work on the ‘non stage’ elements whilst the cast rehearse.

If you are interested in getting involved in theatre but for whatever reason the stage doesn’t appeal then there are a host of other responsibilities that need to be assigned. A great deal of work takes place to ensure the cast have a stage and setting to effectively interpret the play, from sourcing/making costumes and locating props to taking as a prompt during rehearsals and helping with refreshments.

Often the hardest facet of producing successful theatre can be generating interest in the production and ensuring the cast have an audience to perform in front of. Here at C&D we have a huge range of activities planned for each play so there are always jobs and tasks that need fulfilling, the work really never stops.

To register interest in helping backstage or getting involved in any of the tasks or roles we have within the theatre company each season then please click on the link to the left and send us your details. We will ensure we reply promptly and will look to get you involved as soon as possible. We understand you have any other commitments which you may need to work around but we will do our absolute best to allow you to play a part in our theatre company.

Get Involved: Directing

No production would be complete without a director and production team to ensure everything is suitably planned and rehearsals are ran at a good level. Often with productions there will be a varying level of ability and experience within our casts so it is vital that each play's directors manage the rehearsal process and working with each actor in developing their characters.

What's On?

Our year-long programme of activity ensures that we always have events on the horizon for adults and children to become involved with. Our Upcoming Shows section outlines what the next productions are which we're performing and it's also easy to look at our previous work to see the variety of productions we've staged and which festivals we've performed at.


Our classes run for people of all ages from our 5-10yr old group to our adult class, ensuring a steady progression that doesn't end when the performer turns 18 like many groups. All our teachers are fully DBS checked and have recent theatre experience behind them, allowing them to bring the latest theatre techniques and games to their students. The Kettering based classed teach skills useful in performing, along with other skills such as teamwork, communication and self-confidence.

What People Are Saying...

C&D is so wonderful because it works for and within our community; it's inclusivity allows theatre to reach people from all works of life, something that is so important in the modern day.
Rachel Coleman, 17.
I first came to C&D Productions as photographer for their performance of Dorian Gray in February 2015 and have been back for every production since then! It has been great for me in terms of my work but has more recently also given me a platform to branch out a little into other creative processes behind the scenes of theatre, which is fantastic.
Theresa Haworth, 29
I'd given up on the prospect of ever getting back on a stage after having not done anything performing arts related in more than 20 years, but I was attracted to C&D Productions as they staged quality classic plays that I preferred to act in as a drama student. I was really nervous as I was so out of practice but soon felt right at home. I am now one of a mixed bunch of members comprising all ages and abilities and I take great pride in being part of an all-inclusive company.
Roxanne, 42.
C&D has completely changed my life for the better because the company put on brilliant productions and i have worked with the best actors and directors as well. This company is going from strength to strength and i can only see improvements!
Owen, 20.
C&D have really given me a lot of self-confidence and that is down to the team in placing running it and the fantastic casts I've been part of.
Justin, 32.
It has been lovely to see the amount of different people getting involved with the theatre company over the last few months, both on stage and backstage. Everyone, cast and crew, pulls together to get a production up and running, and the team is like one big family that everyone feels a part of - no one is left out.
Theresa Haworth, 29
C&D Productions are an incredibly friendly group of people, I feel I have found a second family. I have enjoyed working with them more than any other social activities and always look forward to the next show!
Molly Hill, 13

The Rehearsal Process

Cast of past and present productions discuss their thoughts on the various rehearsal processes they have encountered working with the theatre company, what they've enjoyed and taken away with them.

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Our not-for-profit theatre company can only carry on with the continual support and assistance of our casts, audiences and other supporters such as individual patrons and local businesses.

We are always looking to link up with community groups and organisations in the areas we perform and there are many ways of supporting us. These include advertising your business on our website or theatre programmes, providing financial assistance or volunteering your time to help.

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