Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find out where auditions are being held?


This may vary from show to show, so the best way is by checking the 'Upcoming Productions' page or News on here or on our Facebook page.

What do I need to prepare for my audition?


This really does depend on the production team for each show as we allow our directors and creatives freedom in how they audition performers.

That being said we always maintain a 100% open and transparent audition process to ensure the actors best suited for parts get them. We also work very much on playing ages and ensuring those cast match the characters they are assigned. This meaning if a girl is 11 but looks 14 then she can audition for parts with that playing age, likewise a plump man of 50 wouldn't be ideal for the part of Romeo!

The best way to check about audition information is to look at the relevant page on our What's On or get in touch directly with any questions you might have.

Do I need to pay to audition for a show?


Not at all. We believe in keeping all barriers and obstacles for those wanting to get involved to an absolute minimum. We do have small performance fees that we ask our performers for which go towards our running costs but these are only asked for after the first read through rehearsal.

Getting Involved

Can anyone join the theatre company?


We have a very open door policy with regards to welcoming new people into the theatre group. We have drama students wanting to get into stage school, youngsters wanting to get involved for the first time to people who hadn't acted twenty years or who are now retired.

Experience certainly isn't a requirement for joining as we believe in a long-term approach of nurturing and developing talent with the hopes people have a good time in a welcoming environment and find a place they can call their 'theatre home'. 

My children are looking to join a group but they all seem very expensive, are C&D the same?

No! One of the reasons we decided ti start the theatre company was in answer to the high costs other groups charge and because we believe everyone in the community should have access to the arts. We ask for a small amount per performer per show to help towards costs and that's all. Instead we ask for everyone involved to help with leafleting, promoting the show and encouraging people they know to get involved or come see our productions.

We have a committment to never charging the £60-£100+ fees that are often quoted on social media that other groups charge. We don't charge a 'per rehearsal' sub either, it's the one-off play fee and that's it!

I want to help backstage or in other elements of production. Is there room for me to join?


Always - There are so many roles that make a production possible that we're sure we can find something for you to help with. We try to match up people's skills and experience with areas they can make a real difference and if you're just starting out we can pair you with someone to learn the ropes from.

My Visit

I'm looking for somewhere to eat before the show, any suggestions?


Finding somewhere to grab some food or a drink before a show can be a challenge, especially if you're not from where the show is being staged. We've got a 'Hospitality' page in the 'Your Visit' section of the website, which has suggestions of good places to eat, covering a variety of food types! We can honestly say we've personally visited them all and they get the C&D seal of approval.